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Crossroads Tornado Relief - May 21, 2013

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

By now I’m sure many of you have witnessed the devastating images from Moore, Oklahoma. If you have asked yourself how you can help and have a direct impact on the families then please continue reading this message.

I have been in contact with a local church called Crossroads. Mr. Samuel Walker is coordinating the relief efforts at the church as they are currently setting up a relief center. They are located within a mile of the devastating path of the tornado. Many residents have begun streaming in looking for shelter and help.

You can help by purchasing items directly through Walmart online. Set your ‘local Walmart’ to store 743. This address for store 743 is:

100 East I-240 Service Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73149
(405) 631-0746

During checkout you will be asked who is picking up this order. Enter the following information in these fields:


Last Name: Hoboken

Here is the list of needed items.
• Diapers
• Wipes
• Baby Formula/Food
• Empty Boxes (all sizes)/Storage Containers
• Toilet Paper
• Clothes and Shoes (all sizes)
• Bottled Water
• Non-Perishable Food
• Blankets and Pillows
• Tote Bags
• Coloring Books/Sticker Books
• Paper Towels
• Pens and Pencils
• Towels and Wash Cloths
• Bags of Dog/Cat Food
• Packing Tape
• Gift Cards $25 increments

We have spoken with the managers at the Walmart who will put these items aside and arrange a pickup with Crossroads.

We all know how it feels to be a victim of a natural disaster. Our fellow Americans came to our aid during our time of crisis especially the good folks in St. Tammany’s Parish in Louisiana who brought us the Train of Hope.

Now it's our turn to help pay it forward. Let’s show the residents of Moore, Oklahoma that Hoboken is standing strong for them.

Thank You,